Papers for the Speech Prosody 2020 proceedings should follow the INTERSPEECH 2019 guidelines. The number of pages is up to 4 for text with an additional page only for references. Any paper with text, not references, on the 5th page will be rejected.
The INTERSPEECH 2019 kit for papers (LaTeX and MsWord) is

All the papers should be submitted in the PDF format through the EasyChair system for SPro2020. It should be noted that all the fonts used in your paper have to be embedded in the paper. Otherwise, your paper may not be reviewed due to some technical problems.

All the authors are requested to submit a 15-min presentation video by using this site. The authors prepare two files of a presentation video and its thumbnail image, and upload the two files onto a cloud-based storage. In the above page, the authors have to provide the URLs for the organizers to download the files. Also, the copyright of the paper and the video has to be transferred to ISCA. For details, please visit the above site.

The video submission deadline of April 26 is a flexible deadline. It seems that YouTube limits the number of bytes that can be uploaded within a single day, but the limitation is not shown explicitly. If we assume that we can upload 10 videos per day, we need 20 days because we have about 200 papers. April 26 is one month before the start of SPro2020 and we have 30 days for uploading the videos. After April 26, we will start uploading submitted videos to YouTube and YouKu, and you are allowed to submit a video after April 26. When you submit a video much later than April 26, however, release of your video on YouTube or YouKu might be delayed. We upload videos on a first-come-first-served policy.

  • Dec. 20 (AoE) Strict deadline of paper submission, when authors have to fix title, authors, affiliation, and abstract. AoE = Anywhere on Earth.
  • Jan. 03 (AoE) Strict deadline of revising the paper before reviewing
  • Apr. 26 (AoE) Deadline to submit a presentation video