Tutorial talks will be provided as about 90-min video presentations.

Streamlining the processing of F0 data using the R package ‘intonation’

Dr. Aaron Albin (Kobe University, Japan)

In this tutorial, attendees will learn how to process fundamental frequency (F0) data using the R package ‘intonation’, which itself draws upon the PraatR platform. By using these tools, the whole data analysis workflow – from the original soundfiles to the ultimate statistics and plots – can be completed entirely within the R environment. Specific topics to be covered include:

  1. plotting waveforms and spectrograms,
  2. marking segmentation labels,
  3. creating and importing files containing F0 tracks,
  4. producing high-dimensional visualizations of F0 data to separate out signal vs. noise,
  5. (semi-)automatically determining F0 ranges, and
  6. calculating and plotting non-linear ‘stylizations’ of F0 contours.