Tech. program

  • May 23 (Sat) : Workshops
  • May 24 (Sun) : Tutorials
  • May 25 (Mon) : Conference (Day-1)
  • May 26 (Tue) : Conference (Day-2)
  • May 27 (Wed) : Conference (Day-3) and Banquet
  • May 28 (Thu) : Conference (Day-4, ending mid-afternoon)

After careful consideration on the current and world-wide situations of COVID-19 and on uncertainty of the future situations, the organizing committee has made a decision to hold Speech Prosody 2020 as online video conference, not to postpone the conference. A new registration page will open soon at the beginning of April.
All the authors are requested to submit a 15-min presentation video. The videos will be uploaded on YouTube and YouKu. These videos will be available only to those who paid registration fee, but the committee does not provide a virtual and cyber space for shared discussion. What the committee provides for participants is 1) the online paper archive and 2) the online presentation video archive of Speech Prosody 2020.

If one wants to communicate orally and visually with authors, s/he has to use general communication tools such as Skype, FaceTime, WeChat etc. Authors may present their SNS identifications in their presentation video.